“Vicente Prieto and Naira Perdu were impeccable, both knowing how to nuance the chromaticisms and vertiginous arpeggios of the great Russian musician, and at the same time enhance the beauty and sensitivity of his themes”.

– Pedro Olivares. La Verdad Murcia, 17.06.21

Acclaimed for their strength, sensitivity and creative ways of connecting with the public, Ikigai Duo was formed in Spain in 2011. Since then it has performed in different countries and has been invited to International Festivals in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Serbia and Israel.

Ikigai has performed with the Murcia Symphony Orchestra and the Elche Symphony Orchestra different concertos for two pianos by Bach, Mozart and Saint Saëns.

The members of the duo, Vicente Prieto and Naira Perdu, are pianists graduated at the Conservatory in Murcia and the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel with an outstanding career awarded with numerous international prizes in Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Italy and Russia.

In 2016 they were selected to participate in the Tel Hai International Piano Festival (Israel), where they received guidance from the renowned duo Kanazawa-Admony and in 2017 they participated in the “world premiere” of a choreography by Ivan Vassiliev, with the prima ballerinas of the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow in the Víctor Villegas Auditorium in Murcia.

Their recent project “Swan Lake” together with ballet dancers Eva Nazareth and Cristo Vivancos has been played in Essentia International Festival (Molina de Segura) and FIMM International Festival (Mazarrón).

The term ikigai (生き甲斐) refers to the purpose of life, that which gives meaning to our existence, that which is worth living for and makes us fully satisfied and happy with the direction we take in our lifetime.